Saturday, March 31, 2012

Submission for CURIOzine

      I figured it wouldn't hurt to show you what I made for this. It's a zine that is open to everyone to submit to so if anyone has some time make sure to check out the due date for the next one. So far it looks like a lot of cartoonist folks are submitting and hopefully there's enough people so that it can come out next month! The theme is Tiny Worlds and it's kind of exciting how each person is taking it. Some are referencing literature, some recent films and the styles are so different that the final product should be kind of great. So make sure to check the link in a week or two!

became sort of obsessed with cactus' and liked the idea of destitute cowboys living in them. Dreamy Destitute Cowboys. 

but I forgot to read the required dimensions so I frankensteined it together with the tiny original sketch to kind of point directly to how I collage in my work.

There were quite a few incarnations and goofing around with colors and this subdued cropped down version was kind of nice. For that background image I cut out a small piece of an old postcard. I think I'm going to start collecting postcards.
(Oh. And I started a twitter so if you want in on that hot mess come on over!)

Monday, March 26, 2012

For Chris

Oh no! Yeah... and that cat hair was intentional to show you the scale mmmhmmm

Embroidery tends to look pretty insignificant and small in person, so I love blown up cropped shots that show off the work. Am thinking of submitting this to an online publication called CURIO for their Small Worlds theme if I can't come up with anything else.

     And For Chris: GRACE JONES! I know that all those who were formally taught to do embroidery would be horrified by the backs of what I make, but the jumps in fiber and chaos is something that I look forward to when I turn the final product over. That something develops unintentionally definitely reinforces the concept of portraiture by alluding to something that can't be gleaned from surface characteristics. But then if I'm aware can it even be called chaos?

Make sure to Visit Chris' Blog as well!

For Salena

He is supposed to be saving some cats, but they got a little illegible, same with his hands. But look at his cute french-knot undies!

A gift for my friend Salena. She wanted something with Batman :) Visit her blog!

Friday, March 23, 2012

What Did Make It In & Artist Statement

"Information is perceived as something that is tangible, and history as something reliable. This is no more true than in the case of personal histories, that we hold to in desperation when we lose our way. As children of Freud, we are told, and like to believe, that these unselfconscious origins are the core of who we are. But what happens when new information is found that requires the conscious reorganization of the past? All of reality shifts the moment that something new is introduced to the cleanly fabricated timeline. Identity then becomes something to be warred over. "

Kicked off the Island (What didn't make it in)

     Here are a few paintings details from what I've been working on in last quarters senior studio class. The class was designed to create an environment that allowed students to develop a personal studio practice before being thrown out into the real world. It was a nice reprieve from assignment based work but also difficult, because it makes you question what your art can be if it's not serving a commercial purpose. So I spent the quarter experimenting and thinking my way through what painting is, and the history of painting. Specifically the whole, no woman painters thing, the whole, line vs. color vs. representational vs abstract vs conceptual thing. 
     Anyway, I only put one piece into the Senior show. Everything I made was so jumbled. Interesting experience wise and to chart a thought, but inneffective when placed next to each other. Meh, so goes it haha. I learned a lot though about how to treat a space, and the realities of what can be done in such a short time. There's another show coming up for the IVA honors kids in about a month, so hopefully I can come up with something more cohesive.
second painting on wooden board
If you ever wondered what I really did when I'm "taking notes" during class"

detail of embroidery project

favorite part of a tiny overdone self portrait
Also Thanks Angela Jaquith for helping me take photos! All the paintings are super glossy and a nightmare to photograph 

Friday, March 9, 2012

wrapping up winter quarter

Final Assignment for a Sound, Space and Installation class:

    It's finals week at the University! Obviously I waited until the last minute, but this time is wasn't even because of the usual procrastination. Most of the work I had previously made I knew exactly what I wanted to use, or say, or ask. But this time, there was no voice inside. I had to build everything from scratch and blindly feel my way through the making process. So the final ended up becoming about that frustration at personal boundaries... and my new record player I scored at Goodwill recently (Cha-ching).

   That's not even what I wanted to write about though. What I really wanted to tell you guys about was the critique itself and how my peers really rose to the challenge with their wonderful enthusiam. For some reason when I got up my heart was racing, and I was sweating and my muscles were all tense. Why so nervous? One thing I've found at UW is that people really love what they're doing, but also have this love of interacting and helping their classmates. There's not much ego, or if there is it doesn't get in the way of giving amazing feedback. Having them be so supportive meant a lot, and made me want to give them back as much as they gave me, if not more.

    So yeah, Thanks sound class :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

One last dance

Have been looking at a lot of vintage school dance photos lately. 

Monsoon Season

     It's been a lot harder to keep up with this once a day painting/ page goal this week. I would like to say  that school is what's gotten in the way, but honestly it was just me being moody and pessimistic about graduating. No worries, I'm over it! So here are my favorites from this week :)

The first scan of this page was black and white by accident, but I'm glad because it's a very different image when completely tonal. Black and white gives the feeling of an x-ray: all bones. 


     Maybe it's normal to be freaking out a little bit about the future. I advise anyone in a similar position to take a deep breath, and to be proud of what you've achieved so far, no matter what it is. Because at the end of the day it's not about building up a weapon of credibility to use against others. It's about making progress, enjoying your way, having good breakfasts and doing exactly what makes you happy.

Yeah... pretty sure that's it.