Wednesday, February 29, 2012

For Mairi


back: Rawr!

     The first of a few gifts I made for some friends. They were meant as Christmas presents but life got in the way, BUT FINALLY I finished them, so there are many close up shots on the horizon :) Thanks for waiting guys!
     Drawing with cotton thread is really thrilling. It's taxing, forces you to think about your materials and makes you take a leap of faith that little things really matter. Exploring the cultural and historical connotations of embroidery through photography is something I'm really interested in for future projects, which is a bit of a holla back at Georgia O'Keefe for wanting people to look more closely at small details.
     Close up images of the threadwork, particularly the back, really makes them threatening in a way...? hmmmmm.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

An Apple a Day.

page 1

Sketchbooks have always been problematic for me because when I draw or paint, I don't like to view it as some less developed part of my oeuvre just because it was done on paper or wasn't agonized over. If I say something is "just for practice" my mind shuts off and goes on to better things. SO, to keep myself working I've assigned myself a daily page to fill until it looks satisfactory. Staying present while working is the goal, so each page acts as a reflection on the day it was made. Hopefully through this daily excercise I'll become better at speaking in a voice that is honest, and not just a regurgitation of skills taught over the past few years.

       Working through a problem feels better than just restarting. I enjoy the process of not knowing where something is going, and working with what happens. It's hard, especially if you're a perfectionist, but wonderful, because it's a moment you couldn't have had it you hadn't messed up in the first place.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sound off!

Step one to starting a blog: Introduce yourself!
Hello there, my name is Rebekka Dunlap and I'm primarily a visual artist of a somewhat ambiguous nature. I wear many hats. So sometimes I draw, paint, make cartoons, take photos, collage, embroider, write and slap out sweet beats on my thighs (because they're big and have a good tone). I'm unqualified for my first choice in professions (astronaut) so am working on finding my place in the tangle that is the art world.

I look forward to showing you all my weird stuff and ideas, so don't run away yet!

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