Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sailor Moon Zine Submission!

My friend Laura recently told me about this Sailor Moon Zine (“In the name of the moon!”) that the cartoonist Vreni was putting together. She’d already put the first zine together and was putting out the call for submissions for the second. Wanted to submit immediately, but was unsure of how to go about properly paying homage to a cartoon that had influenced me so early on, and in such a lasting way. Especially since its significance had gone so beyond the original plot and characters. It’s snotty, but I didn’t want to make “fan-art”.
The peak of my Sailor Moon obsession was at the fat, androgynous and strangely quiet age of eleven. The characters of Sailor Moon were more real to me than a lot of real world things that were happening at the time. I would vehemently defend my intergalactic friends against slander when my family playfully mocked the reverence I had for my worn and slowly disintegrating collection of manga and books, even being hurt that they could be so skeptical of something that was obviously brilliant and life affirming. Any attack on Sailor Moon, was an attack on me. Or so I perceived it to be haha I’m sure the sailor soldiers symbolized a future where I would grow up to be a long-legged space warrior, find love and ride motorcycles. It was a feverish, escapist Delirium I was in that I distinctly remember in shades of blue rain and bleached summer sun.
If it weren’t Sailor moon it would have been something else. So I’m thankful that I spent my days fighting evil scientists and crafting magical things in my backyard instead of getting lost so early on. So in a way, Sailor Moon was the Bully that was on my side, keeping me safe on the schoolyard.

Thanks Sailor Moon!

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