Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm late, I'm late!

Thinking a lot about complex fabrics and unconventional profiles?

           The past week-ish or so I've been wandering around Nyc, getting accustomed to stuff. Am being drawn in more to digital work, partly because of the speed/ freedom I mentioned earlier but also out of convenience since I'm between places right now and don't really have a personal workspace. That's ok! It allows me to work and become more proficient with color choice and design? I do miss painting and water color IRL, but I'll get back to it soon ;)
           Ever since doing that Sailor Moon piece I realized how much I love doing close up compositions of people. Just focusing on large shapes, working with cut outs and placing in more carefully drawn elements. Allowing the image to evolve organically, not worrying about making a believable space. Ideas over space! People over space!
           I heard someone denigrate an artist recently because "they looked like they didn't know how to make an environment". As artist's we're all preoccupied with different things. Some of us like to sit up on hills and see things from very far away, and some of us want to lean in so close that we brush against a person's lapel and some just close their eyes and listen. It's all good you know? It's better to be obsessed with hills than be obsessed with how to push people off of them.

The heat here is pretty stifling and watching how people dress for it is really entertaining. These are a few characters/ clothing choices. Everyone is sweaty beautiful.

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