Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just because.

These are the slighty better drawings
I've been to two figure drawing sessions in the past 3 days. They're my first in two years and I'm all rusty, and still antsy about the performance aspect of drawing in a group. But there are no teachers to call me out and I like the freedom of drawing, not to get better at rendering but as an integrated part of my life. But what am I looking for now if not accuracy or a new revolutionary way of seeing? I want them to be truthful, natural and kind of frightening. Not imagery wise, but scary in that they happened and can't ever happen again. But that's it. I just like the motion of drawing descriptively, and as far as these kinds of drawings go, they inhabit a very seperate space than my other work you know? It feels a lot more like writing or dragging a stick across a picket fence.

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